Industrial heat flux sensor

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The HF05 heat flux sensor is used to measure heat flux in industrial environments. It is covered with a stainless steel cover.

The output is millivolt signal proportional to the local heat flux and a thermocouple type K for measurement of the absolute temperature. Typical application is in studies of fouling in industrial environments; food processing and fluidised beds.

HF05 is protected by a weather proof, all stainless steel enclosure. A thermocouple type K is included.

Click on drawing in Gallery for HF05 dimensions: The heat flux sensor (2) is connected to a stainless steel tube. This tube is again connected to a 3 m PTFE cable (3). A  flange (1) is situated on both sides of the sensor for mounting. Dimensions are in mm.


  • PTFE cable extension
  • Metal sheathed cable extension

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