Heat flux sensors

Worldwide Hukseflux is well known for the design and assembly of heat flux sensors. We offer a wide range of sensors for measuring heat flux in many applications. The most commonly used model is HFP01, suitable for use in buildings as well as soils.

A second fairly common model is the SBG water cooled heat flux sensor / heat flux meter, used for studies of fire and flames (equivalent to Schmidt Boelter or Gardon gauge). In addition we have special sensors for use under exotic conditions such as high temperatures, agressive chemical conditions, on curved surfaces and many more variable applications. Do you need a meter / sensor for measurement of heat flow / heat flux / heat transfer? Hukseflux engineers will help you in choosing the right sensor for your needs.

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Heat flux sensors


Heat flux plate


Self-calibrating heat flux sensor


Ultra sensitive heat flux plate

SBG01 heat flux meter

Water cooled heat flux sensor


Needle type heat flux and temperature sensor


Miniature needle type heat flux and temperature sensor


High temperature heat flux sensor


Flare radiation monitor / heat flux sensor


Portable heat flux sensor, with read-out unit / datalogger


Industrial heat flux sensor

RHF series

Ring heat flux sensors


Belt heat flux sensor

Heat flux sensors

Heat flux measurement systems


Measuring system for heat flux and temperature survey

Heat flux measurement systems
Heat flux measurement systems

Soil temperature sensors


Thermal properties sensor


Soil temperature profile sensor with self-test


Soil temperature sensor

Soil temperature sensors
Soil temperature sensors


AC100 & AC420

High accuracy millivolt amplifiers


Hand-held read-out unit / datalogger

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Background information

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