Material characterisation

Hukseflux is specialised in the measurement of thermal conductivity of plastics, composites, fluids, pastes, and granular materials like soils. Special capabilities include the measurement of composites in two directions (fiber and perpendicular to the fiber orientation), and the measurement of thin plastic and metal foil materials.
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Material science


Self-calibrating foil heat flux sensor with thermal spreaders and heater


Thin Heater Apparatus for thermal conductivity measurement


Apparatus for thermal conductivity measurement of thin samples


Multi-purpose thermal needle system for thermal resistivity / conductivity measurement


High-accuracy thermal resistance measuring system with 2 measurement locations


Thermal properties sensor


Non-steady-state probe for thermal conductivity measurement


Small size non-steady-state probe for thermal conductivity measurement

GT series

Guiding tubes for thermal needles TP02, TP07 and TP08

CRC series

Calibration reference cylinders for thermal needle probes TP02/TP08, TP07 and TP09


Foil heat flux sensor, flexible, 50 x 50 mm

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