Discontinued products and recommended alternatives

With the solid reputation and competitiveness of our next level pyranometer product range (SR30, SR15, SR05), some long-serving other products have become redundant. These products, LP02 and SR03, will be discontinued soon. Support and recalibration services will continue. User manuals can be found here.

Considering purchasing one of the older products? Take a look at the recommended alternatives:

Discontinued products Recommended alternative
LP02 pyranometer SR05-A1 pyranometer
LP02-TR pyranometer SR05-D2A2 pyranometer
LP02-LI19 pyranometer & datalogger SR05 + LI19 pyranometer & datalogger
SR03 pyranometer SR05-A1 pyranometer
SR03-TR pyranometer SR05-D2A2 pyranometer
SRA11 albedometer > SRA15 series albedometer
SRA20 albedometer > please contact us
HF01 high-temperature heat flux sensor IHF01 or IHF02 industrial heat flux sensor
NF01 needle type heat flux and temperature sensor > please contact us
RHF01 ring heat flux sensor > please contact us


SR11, SR12, DR01/02/03, THASYS and THISYS will also be discontinued soon. Please contact us to discuss a modern alternative suitable for your application.