Self-calibrating foil heat flux sensor with thermal spreaders and heater

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New FHF02SC self-calibrating foil heat flux sensor with heater

A next-level sensor from the world market leader in heat flux measurement, FHF02SC is a combination of our model FHF02 heat flux sensor and a heater. The heater allows the user to perform self-tests, verifying sensor functionality and stability, during use, without having to remove the sensor. FHF02SC is ideal for high-accuracy and long-term heat flux measurement, construction of calorimeters, (zero heat flux) core temperature measurement and thermal conductivity test equipment.

Introducing FHF02SC

FHF02SC is a sensor for general-purpose heat flux measurement, combined with a heater. It is used when the highest level of quality assurance is required and for special experiments. The FHF02SC thermopile sensor measures heat flux (W/m2) through the object in which it is incorporated or on which it is mounted. Additionally the integrated type T thermocouple allows for temperature measurements. Both the thermopile and thermocouple are passive sensors; they do not require power. The combination of a heat flux sensor with a heater allows the user not only to measure a heat flux, but also to apply a heat flux.

Using FHF02SC’s heat flux sensor is easy. It can be connected directly to commonly used data logging systems. The heat flux sensor output is a voltage signal that is proportional to the heat flux through the sensor: the heat flux in W/m2 is calculated by dividing the sensor output, a small voltage, by the sensitivity. The sensitivity is provided with FHF02SC on its product certificate.

Unique features and benefits

  • heater for self-test
  • low thermal resistance
  • wide temperature range 
  • fast response time
  • large guard area
  • integrated type T thermocouple
  • robustness, including wiring with strain relief block
  • IP protection class: IP67 (essential for outdoor application)
  • thermal spreader included, low thermal conductivity dependence


Measuring heat flux, users may wish to regularly check their sensor performance. During use, the film heater is activated to perform a self-test. The heat flux sensor response to the self-test results in a verification of sensor performance.  Implicitly also cable connection, data acquisition, thermal connection of sensor to its environment and data processing are tested. Heat flux sensors are often kept installed for as long as possible. Using self-testing, the user no longer needs to take sensors to the laboratory to verify their stable performance. In a laboratory environment, using a metal heat sink, you may even perform a formal calibration. The heater has a well characterised and traceable surface area and electrical resistance.

A thermal spreader, which is a conductive layer covering the sensor, helps reduce the thermal conductivity dependence of the measurement. With its incorporated spreaders, the sensitivity of FHF02SC is independent of its environment. Many competing sensors do not have thermal spreaders. The passive guard area around the sensor reduces edge effects and is used for mounting.

Suggested use

  • high-accuracy scientific measurement of heat flux, with a high level of data quality assurance
  • study of convective heat transfer mechanisms
  • calorimeter prototyping
  • (zero heat flux) non-invasive core temperature measurement
  • thermal conductivity test equipment


FHF02SC calibration is traceable to international standards. The factory calibration method follows the recommended practice of ASTM C1130-17.

Application examples

Please take a look at the brochure to see some FHF02SC application examples.


  • longer wire length

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