Heater for calibration and verfication of performance of FHF-type sensors

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HTR01 accessory heater for FHF01 or FHF02 foil heat flux sensor

Hukseflux, the world market leader in heat flux sensors, simplifies heat flux sensor calibration. HTR01 is a heater with 4-wire connection with a known surface area and electrical resistance. It is used for calibration and functionality checks of FHF-type heat flux sensors. Users can now easily and objectively check their sensor performance before and after use. See also model FHF02SC heat flux sensor with integrated heater.


Measuring heat flux, users may wish to regularly check their sensor performance. A quick check or if you like even a formal calibration is now possible with HTR01 plus some accessories that most laboratories will have in-house. The HTR01 heater has a well characterised a traceable surface area and electrical resistance. In a typical test setup, the heat losses through the insulation are typically smaller than 3 % and may be ignored. Measuring the heater power (voltage V square divided by resistance R), and dividing by the surface area A, gives the heat flux. The heat flux sensor sensitivity E is the voltage output U divided by the heat flux.

E = U R A / V2

The reproducibility of this test is much improved when using contact material between heater, sensor and heat sink.  

Unique features and benefits

  • makes it possible to perform a simple test
  • guarantees sensor stability
  • matches FHF-type heat flux sensors


  • longer wire length

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