Multi-purpose thermal needle system for thermal resistivity / conductivity measurement

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The MTN02 performs fast measurements of the thermal conductivity and resistivity of soils. Measurement with MTN02 complies with ASTM D5334 and IEEE 442 standards. The system is primarily designed for laboratory (indoor) measurements but can also be used for on-site (field) measurements. MTN02 is operated and powered from the handheld control and readout unit CRU02.


MTN02 is a thermal needle measuring system both for laboratory and on-site measurement of the thermal conductivity of soils. The measurement method is based on the use of a “thermal needle” . This method employs a heating wire and a temperature sensor in a needle.  The MTN02 measuring system consists of the thermal needle, model TP07, mounted on an insertion tool, IT03, and a control and readout unit CRU02. MTN02 is easy to use. The needle is inserted into the soil. The user performs control and readout of the measurement from the handheld CRU02. The measurement result is generated immediately by the CRU02 from the analysis of the time series of the temperature and the heating power during the heating interval.

MTN02 design and benefits

Suitable for laboratory measurements: MTN02 is primarily designed to perform laboratory measurements. The needle, model TP07, is relatively thin so that common specimens (core samples) may be used. The IT03 can be mounted on a lever that is commonly used in machine shops with which the needle can be vertically inserted into the specimen.

Suitable for (on-site) field measurements: provided that the soil is relatively soft, MTN02 may be used for field measurements.  In case of harder soils or measurements at greater depths we recommend use of stronger needles and a lance (like in the system FTN02), or guiding tubes (see below). MTN02 performs measurements as a stand-alone unit.

Suitable for hard soils and concretes: use MTN02 in combination with GT03 Guiding tubes (ordered separately in sets of 5). Using these tubes it is possible to measure in hard materials such as cements and thermal backfill (heavy clay) and dried-out soil by casting them into specimens.

Easy data processing: CRU02 gives an immediate indication of the end result and an indication of  the reliability of the measurement. It can store 50 measurements. ASTM and IEEE require that the end result is visually checked and recalculated. This is typically done during later analysis of the measured data in a spreadsheet. CRU02 is connected to a PC by using USB.

Local calibration / conformity assessment: The accuracy of the measuring system can be verified before a survey by measurement in glycerol. For high accuracy verification against a reference material with formal traceability, CRC04 calibration reference cylinder can be purchased separately.

Suggested use

  • laboratory analysis of soil specimens
  • on-site (field) measurements close to the surface
  • with extension for on-site (field) measurements (see TNS02)


Applicable standards are IEEE 442-1981(03) Guide for Soil Thermal Resistivity Measurements and ASTM D5334-14 Standard Test Method for Determination of Thermal Conductivity of Soil and Soft Rock.

System extension for field measurement

For on-site (field) use, the system may be extended with a sensor mounted on a long lance. See system TNS02.


Please consult the product manual. The standard configuration of MTN02 includes one spare needle. Product training is available upon request.


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