Thermal needle set for thermal resistivity / conductivity measurement

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TNS02 efficiently and accurately performs on-site (field) as well as laboratory measurements of the thermal conductivity and thermal resistivity of soils. The system is a combination of our FTN02 and MTN02 systems. Measurement with TNS02 complies with ASTM D5334 and IEEE 442 standards. It is designed for optimal flexibility. TNS02 includes two different needles; one on a short insertion tool for use in the laboratory, the other mounted on a long lance for use on-site. The control and readout unit, CRU02, is shared between the two (on-site and laboratory) needle models.


Table 1: TNS02 essentially consists of a combination of FTN02 and MTN02 components: the insertion tool IT03 and needle TP07 of MTN02 are added to FTN02.


System type

Thermal needle

Transport case

Insertion tool






CRU02 + Access.





CRU02 + Access.


TP07 & TP09


LN02 & IT03

CRU02 + Access.


Applicable standards are IEEE Guide for Soil Thermal Resistivity Measurements (IEEE Standard 442-1981(03)) and ASTM D5334-14 Standard Test Method for Determination of Thermal Conductivity of Soil and Soft Rock.

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Hukseflux is specialised in thermal needle design. Alternative models are available at Hukseflux. Please consult the brochures of complementary systems MTN02 and FTN02. Please also look at TPSYS02, which is more accurate but has less robust needles. We also provide separate solutions for measure-ments of sediment core samples and off-shore measurement at large depths (down to 3000 m). For insertion of TP07 in hard soils and for analysis of cements: guiding tubes of type GT03. For calibration there is the choice between calibration using glycerol or using calibration reference cylinders: for needles TP07 and TP09 calibration reference cylinders CRC04 and CRC05 are available.


Please consult the product manuals. Send us an e-mail to get the latest versions. Standard configuration is TNS02 (including LN02, IT03 and CRU02) + two TP07 + two TP09. (one spare needle of each type). TNS02 is delivered with its accessories in practical transport cases. Product training is available upon request.

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