Hukseflux is the leading expert in measurement of energy transfer. We design and manufacture sensors and measuring systems that support the energy transition. We are market leaders in solar radiation- and heat flux measurement. The main applications of our sensors are summarised below. 

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PV system performance monitoring with Hukseflux pyranometers for the highest data availability and accuracy

Solar energy / PV system performance monitoring

Hukseflux is a leading manufacturer, both in technology and market share, of pyranometers. We supply to the world's largest PV system performance monitoring companies, system integrators and OEM customers. Our product range for PV monitoring includes pyranometers (measuring global solar radiation) and pyrheliometers (measuring direct solar radiation).
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Radiometers for meteorological applications and surface energy flux measurement

Meteorology / surface energy flux measurement

For scientists interested in measurement of surface fluxes Hukseflux offers radiometers (net radiometers, pyranometers and pyrgeometers) as well as heat flux sensors and ultra high accuracy soil temperature profile sensors. In addition Hukseflux offers a range of products for measurement of soil thermal properties. Hukseflux is the market leader in heat flux measurement related to meteorology and Bowen Ratio Systems.
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Building physics: sensors and turn-key systems for analysis of thermal resistance of building envelopes and elements

Building physics / insulation, thermal comfort and energy budget measurement

In building physics, the investigation of the insulation capabilities of building materials is an important subject of study. Hukseflux is the market leader in heat flux measurement related to building physics. The most commonly used sensor is model HFP01. Hukseflux supplies turn-key systems for analysis of thermal resistance of building envelopes and elements.
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Hukseflux heat flux sensors in industrial measurement and control systems: fouling detection in boilers

Industrial monitoring and control / heat flux and heat transfer measurement

Hukseflux' heat flux sensors can be used in industrial measurement and control systems. Examples of applications are analysis of aluminium reduction cells, detection fouling in boilers (Boiler Slagging / Fouling Sensor), monitoring of blast furnaces (Blast Furnace Safety System / General Furnace Monitoring), flame monitoring and composites processing.
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Geotechnics / soil thermal route analysis with Hukseflux' FTN02 thermal conductivity measurement system

Geotechnics / soil thermal route analysis

Hukseflux is market leader in the design of needle type thermal conductivity sensors. The main application of these sensors is in measurement of soil thermal conductivity and resistivity. There are two product categories: The first consists of scientific systems (needle types TP02 and TP08, with system type TPSYS02). The second category is systems designed for robustness rather than accuracy, with systems FTN02, MTN02 and TNS02.
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Heat flux sensors manufactured by Hukseflux are optimised for the demands of different applications

Scientific research / heat and heat transfer measurement

Many engineering studies involve the measurement of transport of heat. The heat and heat transfer measurements are used for several purposes, including understanding the physics / main transport mechanisms and analysing energy balance (input - output) of a system. A good starting point for a heat transfer experiment is a heat flux measurement. Hukseflux has a full range of heat flux sensors.
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CFD heat flux thermal simulation

Heat flux measurement to validate CFD thermal simulations

Did you know that heat flux can be measured? The FHF05 series heat flux sensors is used to verify simulated heat flux. Heat transfer and thermal management of designs, devices and processes are often optimised using CFD simulation. The results are estimated temperatures and heat fluxes. Until now, only measurement of temperature is very common for validation purposes. The Hukseflux FHF05 series heat flux sensors offers the first really practical solution...
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