Download the latest software and firmware updates, user manuals and a selection of white papers, notes and guides for your Hukseflux product(s).


Download the latest software and firmware updates for selected Hukseflux instruments here. Please consult your user manual for installation. The following software packages are available for download:

Hukseflux Sensor Manager software v2222

Latest software for Hukseflux SR30-M2-D1, SR30-D1, SR25-D1, SR25-D2, SR22-D2, SR20-D1, SR20-D2, SR15-D1, SR15-D2A2, SR05-D1A3, SR05-D1A3-PV (non-default register mapping), SR05-D2A2, SR05-DA1 and SR05-DA2 pyranometers, and for DR30-D1 pyrheliometers | 19.4 MB


Hukseflux LI19 software

Latest software for Hukseflux LI19 hand-held read-out unit / datalogger | 2.57 MB


Hukseflux CRU02 firmware v1.20

Latest firmware for CRU02, control and read-out unit of FTN02, MTN02 and TNS02 systems

CRU02 | 37.41 KB


Hukseflux CRU02 software v1.2.3 including calculation sheet

Latest software for CRU02, control and read-out unit of FTN02, MTN02 and TNS02 systems

CRU02 software v1.2.3 (2).zip | 8.68 MB



Download the latest user manuals for your sensors and/or systems here. Each user manual provides helpful information on instrument principle and theory, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, applicable standards, and product specifications and data sheets.

Discontinued products

White papers, notes and selection guides

Hukseflux offers white papers, application notes and selection guides. These background documents aim to be helpful in selecting the best sensor for your application, or, for example, in explaining a new standard for your measurement. Would you like to have more support in selecting a sensor or system? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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