Pyranometers, solar radiation sensors

Hukseflux is the market leader in solar radiation measurement for PV monitoring and meteorology

Hukseflux is a leading manufacturer, both in technology and market share, of solar and longwave radiation sensors. Our customers are active in the following fields: solar energy, photovoltaic (PV) industry, meteorology and climatology.

We produce a complete range of next level radiometers, each with unique features and benefits, and compliant with the latest ISO, IEC and WMO standards:

  • Pyranometer: global solar radiation
  • Albedometer: global solar radiation and reflected solar radiation
  • Pyrheliometer: direct solar radiation
  • Pyrgeometer: longwave infra red radiation
  • Net radiometer: solar plus longwave radiation balance

Heat flux sensors

How to measure heat flux

Hukseflux is the world market leader in heat flux measurement. We offer a wide range of sensors for measuring heat flux in many applications. The newest models can be found within our FHF05 series for industrial research, and HFP01 which is most suitable for use on walls.

A third fairly common model are the SBG and GG water cooled heat flux sensor / heat flux meter, used for studies of fire and flames (equivalent to Schmidt Boelter or Gardon gauge). In addition, we have special sensors for use under exotic conditions such as high temperatures, aggressive chemical conditions, on curved surfaces and many more variable applications.

Do you need a sensor or system for measurement of heat flow / heat flux / heat transfer? Hukseflux engineers will help you in choosing the right instrument for your needs.

Specials for thermal measurement

Hukseflux offers sensors, systems and services for expertly measuring thermal conductivity in soils.

Hukseflux is the present market leader in the design of needle type thermal conductivity sensors. The main application of these sensors is in measurement of soil thermal conductivity and resistivity.

We offer systems and needle type thermal properties sensors for use in the field and for use in laboratory environments.