RA01 radiometer

2-component radiometer

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RA01 is a market leading 2-component radiometer, used in scientific-grade energy balance and surface flux studies. It offers 2 separate measurements of solar and longwave radiation. Product features include a modular design, low weight, and easy levelling, and low solar offsets in the longwave measurement. The unique capability to heat the pyrgeometer reduces measurement errors caused by dew deposition. When combined with estimates of solar albedo and of local surface temperature, this instrument can also be used for estimation of net radiation. The advantages of this approach are cost reduction and independence from local surface properties.


RA01 radiometer measures 2 separate components of the surface radiation balance: solar and longwave radiation. The solar radiation sensor is called pyranometer and the longwave sensor is called pyrgeometer. For calculation of sky temperature, a Pt100 temperature sensor is included in the pyrgeometer. To prevent deposition of dew, the pyrgeometer has internal heating. A 2-axis levelling assembly is included.

Using RA01 radiometer is easy. It can be connected directly to commonly used data logging systems. The irradiance levels in W/m2 are calculated by dividing the RA01 outputs, small voltages, by the sensitivities. The longwave irradiance should be corrected using the instrument body temperature. The sensitivities of all sensors are provided with RA01 on its product certificate. RA01 radiometers are often used in scientific-grade energy balance and surface flux studies.

RA01 radiometer design

RA01 radiometer has a modular design: it is possible to take the instrument apart and replace or re-calibrate individual sensors. A 2-axis levelling assembly is included. The levelling assembly fits a 1 inch NPS tube (the tube’s recommended outer diameter equals 33.4 x 10-3 m). With the RA01 shim, included in RA01’s delivery, a ¾ inch NPS tube may also be used.

Suggested use

  • energy balance studies
  • surface flux measurements
  • climatological networks


  • longer cable, in multiples of 5 m, cable lengths above 20 m in multiples of 10 m
  • upgrade to NR01 net radiometer

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