Suitable data loggers and amplifiers to work with Hukseflux heat flux sensors

Hukseflux offers a wide range of sensors for heat flux and temperature measurement. The thermopile heat flux sensor and thermocouple temperature sensor are both passive sensors; they do not require power.

Such sensors can be connected directly to data loggers and amplifiers. The heat flux in W/m² is calculated by dividing the heat flux sensor’s output, a small voltage, by its sensitivity. The sensitivity is provided with the sensor on its certificate and can be programmed into the data logger.

overview of amplifiers and loggers

Read the full article here:
Heat flux data logger selection guide (PDF)

Optimise system design / reduce cost

The following text helps you to select the right electronics for your application. Selecting the right electronics - sensor combination helps reducing total system costs.

Step 1
Visit the Hukseflux YouTube channel.

Step 2
Specify your measurement.

Step 3
Estimate the output range of the heat flux sensor. 

Step 4
Specify your electronics and sensors.

Step 5
Ask Hukseflux for our input / suggestions.

Suggested use

Heat flux + temperature sensors and loggers are used to analyse the causes of temperature change. Also, they are used to validate mathematical CFD simulations.

Read the full article here:
Heat flux data logger selection guide (PDF)

Heat movements can be visualized: 
an application example

How to visualize heat movements in battery electric vehicles (BEVs) to get an answer on the battery performance and the speed of battery degradation? Hioki has researched this topic. Read more about this research in which they used their data loggers combined with Hukseflux heat flux sensors.