Portable heat flux sensor, with read-out unit / datalogger

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HF03 is a heat flux sensor that is applied in mobile measurements. It is combined with LI19, a high accuracy handheld read-out unit / datalogger. The combination HF03- LI19 is typically used to study heat flux levels of flares and fires, and to verify the performance of permanently installed flare radiation monitors and flare heat flux sensors.


HF03 is a heat flux sensor commonly used in fire testing. It is designed for short (< 10 min) monitoring and measurement in high flux environments in the heat flux range up to 10 x 103 W/m2. LI19 displays the measured heat flux. Once programmed with the sensitivity of the connected sensor, the display will show the actual value of the heat flux in W/m2. LI19 is programmed via its PC user interface. It communicates over USB. We recommend downloading the latest software. LI19 may also be used to store measured data. LI19 is battery powered, using 2 x AA-type batteries. Fresh batteries allow 50 days of operation. HF03-LI19 is not rated for EEx (potentially explosive) environments; nevertheless it is often admitted, because the instrument operates on 3 VDC only. 


Operation of HF03-LI19 is easy. As LI19 has already been programmed at the factory, measurements can start by switching on the LI19. The data storage interval is set by using the LI19 user interface software.


  • HF03 with cap
  • programmed LI19 with 2 x AA battery
  • 2 spare batteries (type AA)
  • transport case with space for sensors
  • LI19 product certificate
  • HF03 product certificate
  • strip with measurement unit markers
  • USB cable
  • LI19 software

Suggested use

  • verification of performance of permanently installed flare radiation monitors such as HF02
  • monitoring during fire-safety demonstrations

Latest software

The latest LI19 software should be downloaded from www.hukseflux.com/page/downloads

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