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LI19 is a high accuracy handheld read-out unit / datalogger. It is used to make mobile measurements, for short term datalogging (as a static logger), and as an accurate millivolt amplifier directly connected to a PC. LI19 can be used with a variety of sensors. LI19’s most common application is with heat flux- and  solar radiation sensors. LI19 battery life and memory allow continuous measurement for up to 50 days.

LI19 is typically used to display the measured solar radiation or heat flux. It measures a DC voltage. Once programmed with the sensitivity of the connected sensor, the display will show the actual value of the heat flux or solar radiation in W/m2. LI19 is programmed through its PC user interface. We recommend downloading the latest software. LI19 is battery powered, using 2 x AA-type batteries. Fresh batteries allow more than 50 days of operation. The system is supplied in a practical transport case, for easy transport and protection during field measurement campaigns. LI19 is built for easy use with a large size LCD, displaying quantities in W/m2, and a USB connection. LI19 may be used with pyranometers and heat flux sensors.

Suggested use

  • short-term field measurement of solar radiation or heat flux
  • amplification of heat flux sensor signals
  • education in solar energy


Operation of LI19  is easy. Directions for use:

  • switch on LI19, connect the sensor
  • optional: mark the units of measurement on LI19, in the window below the display
  • connect LI19 to a PC, using the USB cable and the LI19 software
  • program sensor model and sensitivity
  • switch off LI19 and restart LI19, check sensor sensitivity settings on the display (displayed 1 s after startup)
  • optional: program the storage interval and starting time of storage. NOTE: switching off LI19 will discontinue data storage
  • disconnect LI19 from the PC
  • start a mobile measurement
  • later actions: export data to the PC


  • LI19 with 2 x AA battery
  • 2 spare batteries (type AA)
  • LI19 software
  • transport case with space for sensors
  • LI19 product certificate
  • strip with measurement unit markers
  • USB cable

Latest software

The latest software should be downloaded from

See also

  • LP02 / LI19 second class pyranometer with LI19
  • HF03 / LI19 heat flux sensor for flare radiation / heat flux measurement

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