LP02-LI19 pyranometer

Pyranometer with handheld read-out unit / datalogger

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LP02 is a solar radiation sensor that is applied in most common solar radiation observations. LP02 complies with the second class specifications of the ISO 9060 standard and the WMO Guide. LI19 is a high accuracy handheld read-out unit / datalogger. The LP02-LI19 combination is well suited for mobile measurements and short term datalogging.

LP02 measures the solar radiation received by a plane surface from a 180 o field of view angle. This quantity, expressed in W/m2, is called “hemispherical” solar radiation. LP02 pyranometer can be employed outdoors under the sun, as well as indoors with lamp-based solar simulators. Its orientation depends on the application and may be horizontal, tilted (for plane of array radiation) or inverted (for reflected radiation).

LI19 displays the measured radiation and stores measured data. Once programmed with the sensitivity of LP02, the display will show the actual value of the solar radiation in W/m2. Programming LI19 is done through its PC user interface.

The system is supplied in a practical transport case, for easy transport and protection during field measurement campaigns. Also included are the necessary software, AA-type batteries and a USB cable. Fresh batteries allow for more than 50 days of operation. LI19 may also be used with other pyranometers and heat flux sensors.


Operation of LP02-LI19 is easy. As LI19 has already been programmed at the factory, measurements can start by switching on the LI19. The storage interval is set by connecting the LI19 to a PC and using the LI19 user interface software.

Suggested use

  • short-term field measurement of solar radiation
  • education in solar energy


  • LP02 pyranometer
  • programmed LI19 with batteries
  • 2 spare batteries (type AA)
  • LI19 software
  • transport case with space for sensors
  • LP02 and LI19 product certificate
  • strip with measurement unit markers
  • USB cable

Latest software

the latest software should be downloaded from http://www.hukseflux.com/page/downloads

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