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PMF01 is a practical metal bracket that helps mounting pyranometers on a vertical mast, horizontal crossarm, flat wall or a fence. It allows for horizontal as well as tilted (Plane of Array) orientation. The use of PMF01, compatible with all Hukseflux pyranometers, is easy. Its spring-loaded central bolt allows easy mounting and levelling. With its small footprint, in particular when combined with small footprint pyranometers such as SR30, PMF01 reduces problems with snow build-up; snow will simply drop off.


  • quick installation
  • easy levelling using spring-loaded bolt
  • for mounting pyranometers on horizontal and vertical tubes, on platforms, both horizontal and in Plane of Array

Take a look at the Gallery to see some examples of the versatility of PMF01.

Suggested use

  • meteorological observations
  • PV monitoring

PMF01 pyranometer mounting fixture design

PMF01 is a robust and versatile pyranometer mounting fixture, made of anodised aluminium. Its spring-loaded bolt allows easy mounting and levelling of all Hukseflux pyranometers. Its small footprint and 0 to 90 o tilt angle ensure quick installation, horizontally or in Plane of Array, on either a vertical mast, horizontal crossarm or on a platform, in any climate and weather.

Other Hukseflux mounting options:

There are other mounting options available for SR30, SR15 and SR05. They allow for simplified mounting, levelling and instrument exchange on a flat surface or a tube.

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