SR15 digital pyranometer series

Digital first class pyranometers with various outputs

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SR15 digital series

SR15 digital pyranometer series is a range of high-accuracy digital solar radiation sensors. It is “first class” according to the WMO guide and ISO 9060:1990 standard and “Spectrally Flat Class B” in the 2018 revision. Version SR15-D1, equipped with an on-board heater, is compliant in its standard configuration with the requirements for “Class B” PV monitoring systems of the IEC 61724-1:2017 standard.


SR15 digital pyranometer series is an all-digital range of solar radiation sensors applied in general high-accuracy observations. The sensor measures the solar radiation received by a plane surface from a 180 ° field of view angle. This quantity, expressed in W/m2 , is called “hemispherical” solar radiation. SR15 pyranometer can be employed outdoors under the sun, as well as indoors with lamp-based solar simulators. Its ori­­entation depends on the application and may be horizontal, tilted (for plane of array radiation) or inverted (for reflected radiation).

PV system performance monitoring: compliant with IEC class B

IEC 61724-1: Photovoltaic System Performance Monitoring - Guidelines for Measurement, Data Exchange and Analysis - requires heating for Class B monitoring. SR15-D1, with its on-board heater, offers Class B compliance without the need for additional accessories.

Suggested use

  • PV system performance monitoring
  • general solar resource monitoring
  • indoor simulated solar testing
  • meteorological networks

Your benefits

  • best measurement accuracy in first class
  • improved response time
  • with SR15-D1’s on-board heater: compliant in its standard configuration with IEC 61724-1 Class B
  • on-board calibration history

SR15 digital series design

SR15 first class pyranometer employs a thermal sensor with black coating, two glass domes and an anodised aluminium body. The digital sensor offers output via Modbus RTU over 2-wire RS-485 (version SR15-D1) and via Modbus TTL and 4-20 mA current loop (version SR15-D2A2).

Hukseflux Sensor Manager software

For communication between a PC and SR15 digital pyranometer series, the Hukseflux Sensor Manager software is included. It allows the user to plot and export data, and change the SR15 Modbus address and communication settings. Also, the digital outputs may be viewed for sensor diagnostics.


  • spring-loaded levelling; practical for easy mounting, levelling and instrument exchange on flat surfaces
  • tube levelling mount with set of bolts
  • PMF01 bracket for tilted installations
  • longer cable; 10 and 20 metres length
  • 20 metres extension cable with 2 connectors

Our pyranometer selection guide assists you in choosing the right instrument. Whatever your application is: Hukseflux offers the highest accuracy in every class at the most attractive price level.

Please take a look at the SR15 digital series (SR15-D1 and SR15-D2A2) product brochure and user manual via the download buttons. For an overview of all SR15 versions and options, and how to order, please take a look at Table 1 in the product brochure.

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