Pyranometer products

Hukseflux is a leading manufacturer, both in technology and market share, of pyranometers, pyrheliometers, pyrgeometers, net radiometers and albedometers.
We produce a complete range of solar and longwave radiation sensors, compliant with the latest ISO, IEC and WMO standards. Each Hukseflux pyranometer is classified as ISO 9060 secondary standard, first class, or second class, and offers the best measurement accuracy in its class. Pyranometer output is analogue and/or digital (Modbus over RS-485/TTL).

Our customers are active in the following fields: solar energy, photovoltaic (PV) industry, meteorology and climatology.

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SR30 pyranometer

Next level digital secondary standard pyranometer with RVH technology

SR15-A1 pyranometer

Analogue first class pyranometer with heater

SR05 pyranometer series

Second class pyranometers with various outputs

SR25 pyranometer

Secondary standard pyranometer with sapphire outer dome

SR25-D2 pyranometer

Digital secondary standard pyranometer with sapphire outer dome

SR22 pyranometer

Secondary standard pyranometer with quartz domes - extended spectral range

SR20 pyranometer

Secondary standard pyranometer

SR20-D2 pyranometer

Digital secondary standard pyranometer with Modbus RTU and 4-20 mA output


Ventilation unit for SR20, SR20-D2, SR22, IR20 & IR20WS

SR12 pyranometer

First class pyranometer for solar energy test applications

SR11 pyranometer

First class pyranometer

SR11-TR pyranometer

First class pyranometer with 4-20 mA transmitter

SR03 pyranometer

Fast response second class pyranometer

LP02 pyranometer

Second class pyranometer

LP02-LI19 pyranometer

Pyranometer with handheld read-out unit / datalogger

LP02-TR pyranometer

Second class pyranometer with 4-20 mA transmitter




Pyranometer mounting fixture


Hand-held read-out unit / datalogger

Pyranometer App

Turn your iPhone into a 'pyranometer' with our solar radiation / Pyranometer App


Pyrgeometer, Albedometer, Net radiometer

IR20 & IR20WS pyrgeometer

Research grade pyrgeometers

IR02 pyrgeometer

Pyrgeometer with heater

IR02-TR pyrgeometer

Pyrgeometer with heater and 4-20 mA transmitter

SRA20 albedometer

secondary standard albedometer

SRA01 albedometer

Second class albedometer

NR01 net radiometer

4-component net radiometer

RA01 radiometer

2-component radiometer

Pyrgeometer, Albedometer, Net radiometer
Pyrgeometer, Albedometer, Net radiometer


DR30-D1 pyrheliometer

Next level digital first class pyrheliometer

DR01 pyrheliometer

First class pyrheliometer

DR02 pyrheliometer

Fast response first class pyrheliometer

DR03 pyrheliometer

Compact fast response first class pyrheliometer

Background information

Background information


Hukseflux pyranometer selection guide

How to choose the best pyranometer for your application?

ISO 9060:2018 the revised pyranometer classification standard; what is new?

Prepare for the new ISO 9060:2018 standard

"Spectrally Flat Class A" replace "Secondary Standard" pyranometers

affordable pyranometer calibration services for all common brands: Hukseflux, Kipp Z

Pyranometer calibration services

Our worldwide calibration organisation at your disposal; get a quote!

The new IEC 61724-1: sensor purchase consequences

Which pyranometer complies with the 2017 standard for PV monitoring?

IEC 61724-1:2017 for PV monitoring. What is new?

A quick explanation of the new standard and its accuracy classes A, B, C

ASTM G213-17 for pyranometers and pyrheliometers

A quick explanation with spreadsheet for evaluating measurement uncertainty

White paper: pyranometer vs. reference cellls

What instrument to use for the measurement of solar radiation in a PV plant?

Pyranometer & pyrheliometer comparison

Benchmarking Hukseflux' solar sensors by independent research

SR20 pyranometers for PV project asset management

Why pyranometer accuracy and the right paperwork matters

Sensors & support for National Meteo Networks

Hukseflux radiometers for reference measurement stations

sunshine duration measurement with pyranometers

Using the WMO pyranometric method and LP02 solar sensor

Hukseflux SR20 pyranometer good performer in independent test

SR20 independently tested versus competitors

Comparison test confirms good performance of Hukseflux pyranometers


Outdoor sensor calibration is not recommended

“high-risk”, requiring high operator competence levels, variable uncertainty

ISO 9847 & ASTM G207 pyranometer calibration

The world is moving towards indoor pyranometer calibration

Hukseflux SR20 pyranometer: the making of

About the development of the secondary standard pyranometer

Hukseflux IR20 pyrgeometer: The making of

About the development of the research grade pyrgeometer

Hukseflux SR25 pyranometer: The making of

Taking solar radiation measurement to the next level


SR25 is the diffuse radiation reference sensor

SR25's excellent performance confirmed by independent lab testing


In-company workshop for PV monitoring parties

Get the latest insights on solar radiation by Hukseflux experts at your location